About us

Carolina Group Cruises specializes in booking group cruises. Our goal is to remove the stress and hassle of organizing a group cruise. Let us help you find the right cruise line, cruise ship and destinations based on your lifestyle and budget.

Why You Should Book Your Group Cruise With Us
  • We provide great customer service
  • We offer the best group cruise rates available
  • We avoid all the marketing hype and false promises
  • We stride to be keep everything organized, simple, and honest
  • We help to make cruises affordable through our automatic payment program
  • We will help you select the right cruise line, ship and itinerary.
  • We will help you market and promote your group
  • We will create color email flyers to distribute to your group
  • We will provide a webpage just for your group
  • We offer a free cruise to the group leader!

For additional information email us at: info@carolinagroupcruises.com or call 1-800-403-6693.